Uno degli ultimi messaggi spam che arrivano nelle nostre caselle di posta elettronica ha per oggetto una frase che, almeno secondo il modo di pensare degli spammer, dovrebbe invogliare l’utente a leggere il messaggio.

L’oggetto cambia ogni volta. Il testo del messaggio può restare lo stesso o variare:

The great anticipations are drawn up.
The increase is up to 70% lately.
(MXXR) is the lucrative deal and those who knows it is making money.
The drilling results of this highly capable oil company exceeded all its expectations.
Once this data hits the road there will be no stopping this one.
today it’s approximately 0.022 but we are expecting it to triple.
Once the press release is made and the PR gets into full swing.
Don’t waste time and miss out. We advise you to buy today.
The key is getting in early and the time is pressing. We are told that Monday is the day it will detonate. Take your place
before that happens.